Thursday, December 29, 2011


I knew I was getting something special for Christmas. I knew it was something from the heart and it involved a computer and photos... I was expecting a photo calendar haha.  I am so easily pleased. I mean we got an electronic dart board, 2,000 piece Coca-Cola puzzle and SORRY for Christmas; I'm totally thrilled!

Yesterday Phil surprised me with a gift which arrived only three fashionably days late following Christmas. Ever since the day of Anna's birth he was sneaking upstairs with Daniel to work on a secret project. It was only supposed to be the one Sunday and a few days passed where he needed more and more time and looked more and more excited.
When I opened the package and saw my title PR and the working MOM on a hard cover book and photo I think I just gasped and reached up to hug him. I'm not too sure... It all went fuzzy like the moment I first held Annabelle. Oh ya then I cried (surprise, surprise!).

My blog is printed and published in a beautiful hard cover memory book from day one to December 15, 2011 when everyone said I was crazy for blogging after giving birth. I'm so glad I did it!
I can't wait to show off the book to everyone. Talk about something from the heart! Phil also has insisted that it is a tradition as long as I keep on writing. I'm now so motivated to continue writing as I have with real experiences and thoughts. I do want to make sure I continue to write about more lessons that everyone can learn from- or at least grow from my point of view. The informational blogs on pregnancy, breastfeeding and midwives were a hit. I've been the first pregnant woman a lot of our friends have been around and i've been asked some ridiculous questions but I love it. I love how people feel comfortable to ask me questions without boundaries. Annabelle is also the first newborn in our group of friends and the first baby a lot of people have held in a while- or ever so I hope to continue having our friends open up and ask us anything.  I also want to write more about my personal PR goals and what I'm doing to keep up the craft as I dedicate myself as a mom this year. There's definitely room for freelance PR work that's already being discussed so there will be some great writing material for future blogs. Oh and now that I see my work published I have to double check the spelling! Most of my blogs are poured out from the heart in seconds just like a good song.

I dedicate this blog from now until the next book to my sweet Annabelle, Phil and Uncle Daniel ;) Phil asked if my next blog would be about the blog book so here you go!