Saturday, January 14, 2012

Annabelle 22 - 30 days!

I began this blog dayss ago and I'm finally posting it up thanks to my baby girl sleeping in the swing! So proud of her. Phil and I had our first night out last night. We went to Demetri Martin's show at Queen Elizabeth Theatre. It was so nice to be downtown Toronto again. I wasn't pregnant- I felt so good and I thought it even smelled amazing! Of course when we get to the theatre we see our good friend George from the Mod Club and he treats us to some VIP seats. True Mel and Phil style. Us two <3 Thanks George! 
Yes it was great to feel like ourselves again. It was a paranoia I had my entire pregnancy. Worrying about our relationship, Phil going out alone, spending more time at home than ever before, growing up, missing the baby... Truth is we're still our "old"selves with or without baby. We love our baby girl and boy we were both thrillllllled to come home to her sleeping in her Oma's arms. We're better people now. When we're out on the town we're ourselves plus one. An amazing little one who makes us hold our head up higher than ever before. 

22 days! Shirt (organic cotton) from aunt Carlie and a cute Teddy hat

22 days- first walk outside in the carrier. Mmm french vanialla from 711 haha

23 days (see previous post for more from this day)
24 days

25 days
 Pretty in Pink

26 days- This one is just so funny looking.
27 days
28 days

29 days

30 days- eat and sleep. eat and sleep. 

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