Sunday, January 8, 2012

When boy meets girl- Love at 23 days

Here's a sweet video of Anna (23 days aka her JORDAN day) and Rex (6 months) interacting for the first time! It was our first "grown up" night out and it was filled with friends, hockey, chilli and babies! Phil and I also had our first big outing with Anna on public transportation. She was in her stroller in the entire bus ride and just as the silent bus pulled into the subway station she began whaaaaaaaling out! lol. Poor Phil pushed hard to get her off the bus asap and I scooped her up into my arms. For the rest of the trip and the ride home she remained smothered in the baby carrier. Much more content in her mom's blossoms.

She and Rex locked eyes immediately. As Phil and I realized our itty bitty girl will one day be his size, he gazed admiringly at our baby with the biggest smile. When we rested them beside each other they gazed and cooed. Anna began fussing at one point, I believe when Rex broke eye contact. I was filming so I scooped in to pick her up and no sooner had I put my arm behind her head did Rex break out crying because I was taking his lady away. It was quite an event!

This video is unlisted so click on the link to enjoy :)

taken earlier when mom and Val stopped by

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