Thursday, January 5, 2012

Five days of Annabelle!

This may not be the longest post because Annabelle is currently "plopped" on my chest. I'm going to put her down but she usually awakens a few minutes later knowing that her warm, chesty bed dared to put her down for a minute.
Baby: She's definitely demanding more attention in arms, more food and way less sleep. I'm feeling wayyy more drowsy this week after all the holiday hoopla but I'm also feeling a lot better. It feels good to be able to move around the house again but I can't forget I'm still healing inside for a few more weeks. I've been going outside more- whether it's to the bank or to the corner store it helps to get some fresh air. I definitely don't like the idea of leaving my baby girl because as demanding as she's getting- it's a beautiful thing! It shows she trusts us and knows she can depend on us. She's also bright eyed and cooing, and has the cutest gummy cry. She's still our lil newborn baby :)
PRMOM: Feeling drowsy, easily teary eyed but overall excited to care nonstop for our babygirl. We went to Out There's Holiday party two nights ago and it was so much fun to show everyone our little girl. Today they contacted us for a short film shoot on Sunday! PR Mom back-to-work already? Only if I can bring my baby!
Body:- Down 20-25 pounds since her birth! And I've still got my tribal scars ;)
Cravings: I'm still loving chocolate! But I am noticing how my taste buds are getting back to normal which means back to my plain jane no extra saucy ways.

15 days

 16 days and mom and dad's completed 2000 piece puzzle!
17 Days-Annabelle and I got a sweet surprise on NYE. My mom and sisters Emi and Val surprised us so we stayed in and rang in the New Year with everyone! Everybody kissed Anna at midnight 
18 days- On dads legs and looking super cute in this sleeper

 19 days- Rocking out before her first Out There party and introduction 

20 days- Super cute gingerbread cookie :)

Super sweet video of our happy girl at 20 days :)

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