Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Bump Brides!

Here's an album from shining light on Baby Bump Brides.

 While I don't see myself playing Bride dress-up in the near future, I know that I have made a baby with my best friend and someone who will care and love us endlessly before, during and after the white dress-up day comes. I definitely belong to this crop of women who say mommy-to-be before bride-to-be. I was raised Catholic and still attend the church occasionally with my family up north. (I still have yet to find a church in Toronto as we're still discussing Annabelle"s baptism because it's something that Phil needs more time to think about whereas in my family there's no question about it).

 I'm thankful that today we aren't pressured and sentenced to make marriage decisions immediately. I've heard of so many stories where the only way to show respect to your family is to get married right away- it's not about the two people being emotionally or financially ready-its about what everyone else thinks. It should have been planned you say? Well I say it was. Annabelle came at a time where I needed to start a new beginning between graduating college and moving away from my first job in PR. Phil and I needed someone to kick our ass into gear for to work harder towards our future because we were moving in together before baby! I know that some young couples still fall under the pressure as we all have our elder relatives still answering to the old ways and we do want to respect them. That's why when the old Italian lady on the bus asked me how long I've been married, I said 2 years without hesitation!  That's why whe Grandmaman brings up marriage, I smile and say "soon when we're ready" and see nods in agreement knowing I've got a good head on my shoulders and things are different nowadays.
To some people marriage is a life sentence! To us, it will be a celebration of our love and I am thankful that my our families are understanding. At this point it will be exciting to have Annabelle old enough to be apart of it. We're #TeamAMP after all!  

35 days

36 days

37 days (Saturday, Jan 21-KOTD's Blackout)

38 days, Lazy Sunday!

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  1. Good answer Mel..I have no doubt that you know exactly what you are doing and all will be well and fine! love you..xo