Tuesday, January 17, 2012

To Annabelle- Our one month old beauty

Your little arms are flying all over the place! Your lips are blistered from breastfeeding and you open your wide gummy mouth to protest that you need to poop. One hand is a little fist ball and one stay open with your light fingers resting on my chest. You look up with your beautiful eyes filled with large pupils excited and alert to take in everything.
You already think you're so smart ;)
You lift your head and you recognize our voices and faces. You're smiling and you let out the funniest noises. Your favorite place is on top of the change table where you turn to the right and coo in the direction I've placed an Anne Geddes photo with babies. Phil and I love to tease you because we swear you said "Hi Cows".

You're still sooo little and petite. You're so cute I grind my teeth and squeeze you tightly while taking in your smell. You're looking more like your dad with some of my fine features. Showing attitude yet still needing to be held like a baby. Sometimes your hair sticks out the side of your head like an adorable balding old man. I can't remove you from my arms. Next month we look forward to you giggling and acknowledging our poor singing and silly improve chants. I love you Annabelle!! :)

One month old baby girl :) 

Zaira came over and we made cupcakes. It was Phil's first shoot for Out There since her birth! I tried to make one cupcake with a number 1 on it with no icing for Phil...now it looks like a turd and he still hasn't eaten it. They were fun to make considering I had planned to make Christmas cookies the Thursday she was born after that appointment!!!

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  1. aweeeeeee...isn't it amazing!? I love you Melanie..you are bringing back so many memories of when you were a baby...and I love our little Annabelle...the cycle of life continues and it's beautiful..xo Mom