Sunday, January 22, 2012

Battle Rap Baby

I love my tiny girl. The one who is constantly smiling and making noises while her eyes are locked on my face! I'm so in love. I feel like a five year old girl taking care of her first dolly, dragging her around everywhere and having one-sided conversations.

Life/Work: I went out this weekend to King of the Dot's biggest rap battle event to date! Well, I went from 1:30p.m.-4:00 p.m.. I got to see three battles and bring the crew two very large poutines. I had to check out the event that they've been preparing for for so long! These guys work so hard and they brought out over 700 people to witness some of the greatest matches mixing hip-hop and comedy from artists around the world. They've attracted some larger celebrity names lately like Drake, Classified, Raekwon and Epic Mealtime. Even the guys on the front lines- Organik, Gully... are getting known from kids-youth-artists of all ages. And they all stay so true to the roots and their artists. It's a family I've grown to adore and respect and I plan to continue supporting their events not only because they're entertaining and awesome but Phil is the main videographer and I hope to continue helping from PR and marketing aspects for their events and maybe do some writing for the magazine! Check em out here: 

It was definitely hard to leave Annabelle this time around because I had to head down and abck home alone because Phil was working. I backed out three times before I gave in and let her Oma watch her as I ran out the door. I kept looking at the time and picturing my  daughter's gummy smile. I couldn't get home fast enough and when I did it was worth the big hug, smile, cuddle, kiss and diaper change.

34 days old :)


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