Friday, January 13, 2012

Annabelle is 4 weeks! 28 days of love.

Today is our baby girl's 4 week old birthday! She's 1 month on Sunday! I can't believe how hard I was pushing this time four weeks ago. I always love reliving the moment. I've become addicted to TLC's A Baby Story and all the baby shows. I didn't have the stomach for them before but now I love to relate, compare and cry with the moms and babies.
Life: Starting to eat healthier. I notice I'm hungry often so I'm trying to prepare snacks (and have them accessible when baby is in arms!)
( I had to finish this blog the following day- baby comes first of course!)
She was a feeding machine yesterday and today she's a sleeping machine. No two days are ever the same! She now weighs 8.12 and she's filling out sooo nicely. Phil just brought up the fact that she could have been born this big- or bigger! I think I like our tiny newborn :)
PRMOM: My life involves feeding and TLC's What not to Wear and a Baby Story. I woke up with a major kink in my neck which sucks while breastfeeding.
Love: We are going to a comedy show tonight! Demetri Martin at Queen Elizabeth Theatre. It was a gift from Phil's brother so Annabelle is staying with her Oma. I hope to goodness she doesn't turn into her mommy only feeding monster! I know I have to trust that Oma will be just fine but i'll be thinking about my baby crying for me. I do have to be honest and say she is pretty good at distinguishing night and day. She tends to settle at night so in the end I'm sure we'll all be just fine and Phil and I get to head out! For two people who made a life of nightly outings it's funny to have us going out together as a 'mommy and daddy' treat.

Here are some photos of Annabelle yesterday! Oma was showing us how Phil used to sleep so we tried it with Anna and got a kick out of how cute she looked with her bum in the air. She was up shortly after of course!

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