Friday, January 6, 2012

Annabelle is 3 weeks!

Here are some photobooth pics of us yesterday celebrating Anna's 3 weeks! She was so alert for me but slept when Mark, Lena and Sandy came. The sleep is definitely disappearing as baby girl finds her voice and appetite. My newborn who slept all the time is growing !
(just had to break to bicycle her little legs)
Anyways. Lost my train of thought. Who cares, I've got an amazing baby! Enjoy the pics.

Oh ya, we just booked out first Out There shoot of the year for this Sunday. Only a mere three weeks after birth. Part of me wishes I was still bed ridden haha. Tomorrow we have a big supper date with some KOTD fam and hopefully her six month old boyfriend Rex. We also may get a surprise visit from Grandma Sherrie, Hughie and Aunt Val. So busy wkd here we come!

Bear butt


Mr. Adam gets snapped! and SMILES

Mark DeMontis (Courage Canada- remember those posts?!) and Lena

Sandy DeMontis

3 week old baby in her Jordan gear

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