Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Post changes

It begins with a glow to show the world

And fades into the heart ... leaving a very dry looking face with complimentary straw hair.
I wish I could have enjoyed my glow a bit more that first week but my sore butt was stealing the spotlight. Now The exterior glow has calmed down, my face is back to it's complicated self and my hair is worse than ever. I'm still taking a prenatal vitamin everyday and I hope that after my "six weeks" the hormones and all that jazz gets back to normal. I know I'm still healing. I also have to remember that I can't give in as easily to my want of food as easily as I could when I was a beautiful pregnant lady. Except of course on days like today when Phil makes a perfect pound of bacon and eggs. Mmm!

My face- breaking out
My hair- Straw. I'm definitely taking up Salon Daniel's offer.
My body: Pudgy pockets, tribal marks, but all in all it's getting back to normal. I can't wait to do pilates again! I also can't wait for friendlier walking weather.
My nails: BOOMING! I have never had nails like this and I'm not even trying.
Baby: All worth it :) She is also booming, getting pudgy pockets and her hair is sticking right out...just like her father's. oh dear.
My nails are real nice!

Gotta go- baby is in a cute dress today but slightly whiney. I hear Phil playing with her. I'm going to go and make her smile too :)


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