Monday, January 23, 2012

Six week check up news!

As I stay home breastfeeding with baby in one arm and the remote control in the other , I find myself witnessing two extreme battles: DEA and A Baby Story. Well as soon as Phil leaves the room it's all eyes on the baby! I

and pause.

As I check this draft today, Monday, January 23 I wonder where I was going with that thought when I started that paragraph days ago. I get so many blog ideas that I want to write but for some reason I am sooo easily distracted nowadays! I love my baby and I want to share our stories and photos with the world. By the end of this year I am going to have one very long blog for 2012.
Today was our six week appointment, or so I thought. It turns out it was only a check up for me- and baby needs to return in two weeks for her two month appointment. So Phil took Annabelle back to Uncle Jerry's van while the doc spoke to me. She was impressed when Phil immediately grabbed the diaper bag and proudly showed off our baby as he left her office. Just that gesture alone showed her he's hands on and I began to say all the other good stuff he does. I mean, if she was so easily impressed watching him carry his daughter out of the office imagine her face when I told her he changes her diapers no problem!
As I type this I just heard her rumble. So cute.
His attitude is what I would expect... It's your baby- change her. It's your baby- pick her up! But I know deep down that I am blessed with someone- a man, as hands on as he is. And it shows. Makes me proud to tell the doctor I have no postpartum depression. I have an awesome baby and amazing partner. After my exam she looked up and said " It doesn't even look like you had a baby" down there... yay! Good job docs.
Successful day for me, brownie points for dad, and Annabelle is on her second two hour nap.

Better go change that rumble!

39 days old! Such a cute outfit :) 


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